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I never used a chiropractor until beginning of the year. My massage therapist recommended I see one because my lower back was unaligned. I was scared about “getting popped” because of another health issue. Dr. Widhelm was recommended from other friends so I took a chance. He’s been great to work with and takes a genuine interest in your overall health. I don’t hesitate to recommend him when I’m asked who I see.

I have been going to Ideal Chiropractic for 2 years now! Dr. Widhelm is extremely intelligent and listens to me before making any adjustments. His treatment plan is much more diverse than any other chiropractor I have visited! He has helped me to overcome injuries as well as to stay healthy! I would highly recommend visiting there for rehab purposes and for routine maintenance.

I’ve been seeing Dr Eric Weldhelm for over a year for migraine headaches. I can guarantee relief – esp when I go regularly. A much better alternative to prescriptions and OTC drugs. He’s works easily with my busy schedule and takes health insurance. It’s amazing what all he treats!

I injured my lower back when i was 25 and it took me 10 years to finally address the problem. I noticed small improvements in the first month. By the second month i was feeling much better. Now i am almost pain free. Dr Widhelm is friendly and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ideal Chiropractic. Just make sure not to stop too early because it takes time to heal.

Dr. Eric is amazing, I have never been to a chiropractor and was kinda scared, didn’t want to hear all that cracking noise, he was wonderful, he talked to me about what our plan was, what exactly he was going to do and a future plan. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even get dressed. He completely took care of me. I feel amazing. I am so lucky to have found him. Would never go anywhere else.


At our Ardmore chiropractic office we take the time to show you what “Normal” should be. Once we have established what “Normal” is, then we can do a comprehensive evaluation that will assess whether or not you have any “Abnormalities” present.
Unlike traditional chiropractors in Ardmore who focus on providing relief for muscular spasm, reduced motion, and short term pain relief, we look at those symptoms as being secondary to an often undetected underlying structural problem.


By focusing on NeuroStructural Correction we provide our patients with a long term solution that brings with it a myriad of lifetime benefits, not just a temporary bandage. As you may have guessed, detecting a Structural Shift goes well beyond “feeling” tension along and around your spine. This is why Ideal Chiropractic utilizes the latest technology to clearly pinpoint the cause of your problems, or in the case where a shift may not be the underlying cause, have the information to guide you in the direction that will quickly help you to restore your health.


At our office, we focus on specific chiropractic adjustments to remove NeuroStructural Shifts of the spine. Many of our patients have been frustrated after trying traditional treatments which helped temporarily, but had the problems keep returning.
Our plans are tailored to each individual depending on the severity of the Structural Shift. The adjustments are precise, and are part of a comprehensive plan to correct the Structural Shifts. Complimentary recommendations will be made to assist the body in quicker recovery and help achieve optimal correction of your structural abnormalities.
It is important to note that correcting a Structural Shift does not happen overnight. However, investing the time and energy into fixing your body’s foundation is one of the best things you can do for your health!

We are committed to patient satisfaction.

“Great experience. I was in severe pain prior to visiting Eric. He did some amazing adjusting on me and I have been pain free ever since (aside from basic muscle soreness). Thank you!”

- Diane H.

“Thank you so much for all your help. My sciatica pain had me off work for over 4 months. Your care successfully got me back to work within a few weeks which was amazing, since i was looking at surgery as my only answer. I will be seeing you soon.”

- Tracy H.

“Went to see Eric Widhelm at Ideal Chiropractic today for my shoulder that has bothered me for years. I’ve never thought of a chiropractor to help with the pain but my shoulder feels 10 times better after my visit today! My hats off to Eric!!”

- Kenny H.

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